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Word Processing Keyboard Shortcuts
    For those of you who work in both major word processors, the following table lists some of the Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts and WordPerfect keyboard shortcuts. Some of these may vary from version to version of your word processer. I suggest you make a test paragraph to check which work with the program you are using. This sheet is made with the most commonly used commands at the top. These are the most common shortcuts and there are actually many more than are listed here. Consult your help files.

Microsoft Word
Corel WordPerfect
Not AvailableReveal CodesAlt + F3
Ctrl + PPrintCtrl + P
Ctrl + BBold, turn on / offCtrl + B
Ctrl + IItalic turn on / offCtrl + I
Ctrl + UUnderline turn on / offCtrl + U
Ctrl + SSaveCtrl + S
F12Save AsF3
InsertTypeover on or offInsert
Ctrl + ZUndoCtrl + Z
Ctrl + CCopy the selection
to the clipboard
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + XRemove the selection to the clipboardCtrl + X
Ctrl + VInsert clipboard contents
at the cursor
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + LJustify or Align leftCtrl + L
Ctrl + EJustify or Align centerCtrl + E
Ctrl + RJustify or Align rightCtrl + R
Ctrl + JJustify fullCtrl + J
Ctrl + NNew documentCtrl + Shift + N
Ctrl + OOpen documentCtrl + O
Ctrl + F4Close documentCtrl + F4
Ctrl + HomeMove the cursor to
the beginning of the document
Ctrl + Home
Ctrl + EndMove the cursor to
the end of the document
Ctrl + End
HomeMove the cursor
the beginning of a line
EndMove the cursor
the end of a line
Page DownMove the cursor to
the bottom of the  screen
Page Down
EnterHard returnEnter
Shift + EnterLine breakCtrl + Shift + L
Ctrl + EnterHard page break ( New Page )Ctrl + Enter
Alt + O, EConvert the case of the selected textCtrl + K
Ctrl + DFont, changeF9
F7Grammar, check & correctAlt + Shift + F1
Ctrl + MIndent current paragraph one tab stopF7
Ctrl + T  ( hanging indent )Margin releaseCtrl + F7
UP ArrowMove cursor
one cell up in a table
one line up in a document
Alt + UP Arrow
DOWN ArrowMove cursor
one cell down in a table
one line down in a document
Alt + DOWN Arrow
RIGHT Arrow or TABMove cursor
one cell right in a table
Alt + RIGHT Arrow or TAB
LEFT Arrow or TABMove cursor
one cell left in a table
Alt + LEFT Arrow or TAB
RIGHT ArrowMove cursor
one column to the right
one character in a document
Alt + RIGHT Arrow
LEFT ArrowMove cursor
one column to the left
one character in a document
Alt + LEFT Arrow
Ctrl + GJump to a specified place in the documentCtrl + G
Ctrl + HyphenHyphen HardCtrl + Hyphen
Ctrl + Shift + HyphenHyphen SoftCtrl + Shift + Hyphen
Ctrl + FSearchCtrl + F
F7Spelling, check & correctCtrl + F1
Shift + F7ThesaurusAlt + F1
Ctrl + YReverse the last  undoCtrl + Shift + Z
Alt + F4Exit the programAlt + F4

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