·  404th Radio Research Detachment (Airborne)  ·
 Casual photo of the detachment.
Everyone in the Detachment, in camp at the time, in a more relaxed situation at Tuy Hoa in 1968, we believe April. Amazing there are that many in one place. Photo provided by Capt. Don Gordon.
Damn them hats - every face is in shadow - and not much I can do about it. I think that may be me on the right end, kneeling. And we believe it is SFC Doughty on the left end.
Obviously we would like to get everyone's name here. So ... if you have any positive IDs, please let me know. I will stick with a simple left to right - by 'face', standing or kneeling only.
Send me the 'number' from the left edge, and any name, or part of a name, you may know. Locations, eMail etc., are all bonuses at this point.
Now - for those who need a bit more help - me - here is a larger photo that is cropped for the faces - we still have the hat shadows to deal with, but it might help you remember.
Click here for that photo.  Click here for face photo.  Give it a moment to load - it is larger.

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